About us


Getter group Safety  specializes in import, supply and maintenance of personal protective equipment, emergency protection gear, rescue and firefighters equipment.

We also specialize in detection and identification systems with warning capabilities for gases considered dangerous to humans and the environment.

Ritukh Safety Technologies Ltd was established in 1954 and has become Israel’s leading producer and importer of safety equipment. For many years it was the only private company operating in the field in Israel.

At its outset, Ritukh was a pioneer in developing, designing and manufacturing personal protective equipment, including:

Protective helmets for: armored forces, motorbike riders, fire and civil defense workers, national rescue forces yellow helmets.

Producing unique protective suits for industry, high temperature jobs, firefighters and rescue.

Protective goggles and masks for welding, protective shard and dust glasses, IDF shard protection, and more.

The company has served as the project manager for unique requirements such as the production of equipment conforming to client specifications.


About Getter Group

Getter Group Safety  is wholly owned by the Getter Group and has access to Getter Group’s vast accrued knowledge and experience as well as the advantages that a long-standing organization can offer, such as:

.Cutting edge logistics department

.Synergy among the group’s subsidiaries

.Close ties with leading global suppliers

A solid foundation built on financial stability and trustworthiness.

Getter Group was established in 1955 and specializes in unique representation for leading global suppliers. Getter operates internationally and in Israel.

The group encompasses subsidiaries specializing in marketing, distribution, service, and support for products and solutions in the fields of photography, printing, medical devices, entertainment electronics, digital equipment, toys, communications, freightage infrastructures and equipment, mobilizing forces, and propulsion control.


Getter Safety Foundational Principles

In 1958, Getter Group Safety set itself the goal of remaining at the forefront of its field by linking to the global MSA organization.

As full partners, we work with all branches internationally. Our representation of MSA involves cooperation, loyalty and diligence. We consider this to be our flagship activity.

Getter Group Safety sees itself as a leader in the field of professional security equipment, innovation, product adaptation to specific client requirements,etter Group Safety and top level service providers.

Our experts will assist you in making the optimal choices in protective accessories and safety features for your particular area of activity.


Our strength

Getter Group Safety was the first company of its kind to be established in Israel, and holds rich experience and knowledge.

As a result of years of product adaptation, Ritukh holds a vast and diverse portfolio of products and solutions which enable us to be full partners in solving client needs with quality options that protect employees in an array of organizations and manufacturers throughout Israel.

We carefully choose suppliers who are leaders in their field and known for reliability.

Getter Group Safety reputation allows us to continue serving our clients based on our experience, knowhow and adaptability as we work together with you for your optimal success.